Flavien likes to create new wines that seem to invite you to travel. For him, these wines represent a remarkable canvas of freedom.


Gilles has been with the house for over 25 years. Providing indispensable assistance in the vineyard, he is always available and capable of resolving any equipment related issue at the estate


Like many enthusiasts, Frédéric enjoys collecting things in relation to his passion. In particular, he likes to buy old or interesting Champagne glasses and flutes at flea markets and the like. He sees these recipients as the ultimate connection with those who enjoy his champagnes. When it comes to wine tourism, he is one of the region’s pioneers and, in 1985, with the help of his wife Corinne, he opened their tranquil estate in Vandières to visitors.


Laurent has been with the house for over 30 years. He knows each of the estate’s vines inside out and provides invaluable and devoted assistance to the team. He pays close attention to the development of winegrowing and winemaking practices at the estate